Spooky Mansion: “Real Jerk”


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A quick glance at the name “Spooky Mansion” should tell you at least one thing about this West Coast quintet; “these guys are gonna be fun.” And although there is a decidedly playful nature to the group, they’re always tossing themselves in a moody current of serious surf-rock. After establishing themselves in the Bay Area, these L.A.-based hedonists have had no trouble maintaining an impressive following, thanks to their upbeat indie-infusions that take cues from The Beach Boys and Thelonious Monk just as much as from Horace Silver and Pixies.

Recently, Spooky Mansion teamed up with Quadrophenia Chief Engineer Ron Nevison to produce the upcoming EP, That’s Me! , out October 29th. We’re eager to see what Spooky Mansion pulls out of the woodwork for That’s Me! and today they’ve given us a pretty good idea…check out the infectious animated music video alongside the album’s lead single, “Real Jerk”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Sam Yang

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