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Click on the player's triangle above to listen. Hello, and welcome! This is Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast Episode Two, Boarding School for Girls, from the new musical, Tales of Tila. This is your host, Carolyn Murset. If you haven’t yet listened to Episode Zero and Episode One, please, do it now, then come back. By that time our special guest might be here. She’s promised to visit us during the next five episodes, and I’d love for her to come for more than that, but that will only happen if you family members send me stories. Hola! This is Tila Miera Trujillo. Not really, it’s her granddaughter, la Carolina pretending to be me. One of these days, she’ll be brave enough to use her own voice, and just be herself. But, because of her, some of you have listened to my stories and my tales and wondered, “Why in the heck would she do something like that?” I was a mashishi, a mischief maker. You’ve been one, too? Oh. Then you’ll know what it’s like to battle with your conscience. Who wins the arguments between you and that little voice inside your head? I’ve often wondered, if there had been a high school in Taos in 1916, would my parents have sent me away to the boarding school for girls in Santa Fe? If I had stayed at home, would I have had to keep making the tortillas, day in and day out? How long would it have been until I tasted peanut butter, or ridden in a train? And what about algebra? What was your favorite subject in school? And who was your best, your favorite teacher? Did you understand algebra? I never did get how an ‘a’ plus a ‘b’ could possibly equal a ‘c’ ! Today’s story begins very early in the day. I think my parents and I woke the rooster! I just wanted to climb in the wagon with my father, pick up my friend, travel the forty miles and catch the train to the school! Who wants to eat breakfast, and have tidy hair and nails and teeth on a day like this one !? Listen the the episode by using the player at the top. In Closing: Come back next time to listen and find out why, after my first year at the school in Santa Fe, I came back home and didn’t return. I’ll tell you about the terrible world events and the wonderful things that changed my life, too. Do you want to hear my other musical stories? One of the places is on iTunes. (Don’t ask me what that is. I don’t know. I’m telling you, I’ve been gone 47 years and all I know is the radio, the telephone, and…. the light bulb!) Search for Carolyn Murset. Then, look for the little brown square with my picture on it, with the words, Tales of Tila. You’ll know what to do from there. From what I hear lately, a three year old could show you how. Whether you have an Apple or an Android device la Carolina says you can find the stories at the Store page on this website. By the way,....That’s a good photo of me, in that little brown square, isn’t it? That was taken when Nora was a baby, in 1930. My hair is combed, nicely, and I’ve washed the peanut butter off my hands! Ha ha. Hasta luego. Until later! You've just listened to Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast, Episode 2, Boarding School for Girls, from the new musical, Tales of Tila. Contact me and let me know how you’re doing with the writing prompts. You can find them in bold lettering in the notes for this episode and the others on the Home Page on this website. Once there, you can also subscribe to this podcast, and check out my events page. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing. This is your host, Carolyn Murset, aka, la Carolina.

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