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Hello, and welcome! You’re listening to Song Stories, Quiet Stories. This podcast Episode, El Presidente Trujillo, is number four in the series from the new musical, Tales of Tila. This is your host, Carolyn Murset. If you haven’t yet listened to Episodes Zero, One, Two and Three, please do so now, then come back. Thank you, Carlos, Lynn, Irene, Sam and Mary for sending me your contributions. Don’t be surprised if they show up in a later episode! Are you ready to get your Spanglish on? Hola! This is Tila Miera Trujillo. Not really, it’s her granddaughter, la Carolina pretending to be me. I don’t mind. One of these days, she’ll be brave enough to be herself and use her own voice. But because of her, some of you have listened to my stories and wondered, “Why in the heck would she do something like that?” I was only seventeen years old when I married, and by that time, I made pretty good tortillas and chile. Even good enough for my widowed mother in law, who lived nearby. Her son, my new and stubborn husband was away from home much of the time. He got to cook for himself as shepherds often do, because I stayed home and took care of his mother. His stubborn mother. Can I say that? More power to those of you listeners who get along with your inlaws. But may I say, “Must we eat lamb every day? Must I sweep the dirt floor every day? The windows are clean!” I would hide her glasses if she owned a pair, but unfortunately, her vision is so good, she doesn’t need them. Well, she says she doesn’t. So, listen now and learn what a patient and long suffering wife I had to be from the start of my life as Mrs. JM Trujillo. Learn what church activities kept me and my viejo (my old man) occupied. Find out which important guests I had the priveledge to hostess. Find out whether or not... I accomplished any more, um, mischief. I’m assuming you’ve gotten away with committing a prank or two when you were younger. What kinds of things have you been able to pull off, not that I’m encouraging you to be a mischief maker? Really? Just last week, huh? Hmm!….Listen. Closing tag: Thank you, Señor Strang for the conga solo. Me gusta mucho. I’m afraid you were born a few decades late. We would have enjoyed listening to you while we ran of tortillas at that last bake sale and had to hurry and make more on the spot while the disappointed customers watched. And waited. Not so patently. It would have cheered up all of us. And I might not have accidentally, oh, never mind. Oye, listeners, What kinds of worthwhile and wholesome fundraising activities have you participated in. How close to your goal did you get? What did you run out of? Come back next time to listen and find out how many more children my husband and I had. Learn who my kids thought was their father’s favorite child, and who was a really fast runner. Do you want to hear my other musical stories? La Carolina would be so grateful if you’d listen to them, and subscribe to this podcast, either here at this website or at iTunes or Google Play. (Somebody, please write to me and tell me about all these new inventions. I’ve been gone since 1971, and I only know the radio, the telephone, and…. Oh, We got a TV right before my Trujillo left. Black and white picture. What other kind is there?) Then, look for the little brown square with my picture on it, with the words, Tales of Tila. You’ll know what to do from there. From what I hear lately, a three year old could show you how. That little square photo of meon this website store page is a good one, isn’t it? That was taken when Nora was a baby, in 1930. My hair is combed, nicely, and I’m pretending she isn’t in desperate need of a diaper change while my mother bounces her, off to the side of that backdrop. Hasta luego. Until later! You've just listened to Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast, Episode 4, El Presidente Trujillo, from the new musical, Tales of Tila.

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