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Follow @mursetcarolyn Hello, and welcome! You’re listening to Song Stories, Quiet Stories. This is podcast Episode number 8, Ghost Stories by Gary Payne. I am your host, Carolyn Murset. We interrupt our regular programming because it will soon be Halloween. It’s nothing to be afraid of, unless you’ve tried to move to a different location in order to retire and your respite lasts all of a couple of weeks. You may not have seen Gary Payne onstage here in southern Utah. For the past decade and a half, practically every time I’ve attended or volunteered at a cultural event, Mr. Payne, the unsung hero of the local theater scene has been there, too, sometimes ushering, or taking tickets. But most of the time he’s served before the play even opens, building sets or gathering props. I’ve watched him herd large performing groups at important fundraisers, too. Frightening? Absolutely. His fearless life focuses on God First, Family 2nd and supporting the community he lives in, 3rd. At the young age of eight, Gary began collecting music and was a Disk Jockey for an Ice Arena, school and church dances and private parties. Around music all of his life, he doesn’t play an instrument or sing a note. Scary? You decide. This gentleman hikes, travels, serves others in his church congregation, enjoys photography and the theater. So why his fascination with ghosts, none other than the previous inhabitants of wherever and whatever the living now occupy? Shy and reserved, and getting sick to his stomach at a young age if he had to be on stage, preferring behind the scenes to the spotlight, Gary now finds solace and strength putting pen to paper. Follow me now, to The Apple Tree, and then listen to The Golden Shovel. You’ve just listened and perhaps, shivered, to Song Stories, Quiet Stories Episode eight, Ghost Stories, by Gary Payne. Come back next time for the first bonus episode of the new musical. Tales of Tila. Before you do, answer and write about these questions: “What things have you borrowed that you couldn’t return? What kind of treasures do you search for?” You haven’t found any yet? Look in front of you. You might be surprised to find something wonderful that’s been there all along.” Grandma Tila will join me soon and tell of more mischief she accomplished as a child, and as an adult. Are you surprised? Subscribe to this podcast here my website,, or at iTunes or Google Play, so you don’t miss a thing. Check out my events and my store page, and keep those earbuds in your pocket more often. Go and talk to someone. In person. Face to face. Volunteer for a worthy cause and tell Gary Payne “hello” for me. Find his name in the playbill or program for whatever local theatrical or musical production or fundraiser you’re attending. This is your host, Carolyn Murset.

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