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Hello and welcome!! You’re listening to Song Stories, Quiet Stories. This is podcast episode 9, Relatively Speaking. I am your host, Carolyn Murset. This is the first bonus episode of the new original one-woman musical, Tales of Tila, which premiered at the Electric Theater in St. George, Utah, in October 2018. My special guest, Grandma Tila will arrive any minute now. Episodes 1-7 go in order chronologically. so if you haven’t yet listened to those episodes in this series, it might be a good idea to do that now, then come back. That would give her more time to get here. This bonus episode stands alone, though. Many thanks to those of you who have sent me your story contributions. Don’t be surprised if you hear them in a minute or two! Are you listeners ready to get your Spanglish on? Hola! This is Tila Miera Trujillo. Not really, it’s her granddaughter, la Carolina pretending to be me. I don’t mind. Don’t you think it’s time for her to be brave enough to be herself and use her own voice. Because of her, some of you have listened to my other stories and said to yourself, “Why in the heck would she do something like that?” She must really love me. Listeners, what are some of the ways that you communicate with your family and friends when you are not standing right in front of of them? I’m not talking about yelling at each other from across the room, or the yard. And don’t tell me you have one of those crop duster airplanes and write your messages in the sky. Don’t be silly. I’ve heard that your telephones nowadays are NOT connected to the wall, and that you can use them to type and read the messages? That’s too easy! Get a pen and paper, an envelope and a postage stamp! Listen now and find out how my young niece, Simonita and her suitor, Fred courted each other. Find out who their matchmaker was. Believe it or not, it wasn’t me. Find out how her parents felt about it when he proposed and the surprising thing her father did. If you have ever been married, and are happy about it, how long was your engagement? How did both sets of parents feel about It? Where was the very first place you lived? If you haven’t married, and wish that you could someday, how would you like it all to happen? Closing Tag: You’ve just listened to the first bonus episode of the new musical, Tales of Tila. Don’t be sad! La Carolina is gathering more stories and tales from my grandchildren and other relatives, and we’ll be back to tell and sing them to you. I hope they’re saying nice things about me. Do you want to hear my earlier musical stories? Maybe you’ve missed a few episodes of this podcast? La Carolina would be so grateful if you’d listen to them. Contact me and let me know how you’re doing with the writing prompts. You can find them in bold lettering in the notes for this episode and the others here at “”. You can also subscribe to this podcast, and check out my events page. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing. This is your host, Carolyn Murset, aka, la Carolina.

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