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Hello, and welcome! This is Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast Episode Three, The Great War, from the new musical, Tales of Tila. If you haven’t yet listened to Episodes Zero, One and Two, please do it now, then come back. By that time our special guest might be here. She’s promised to visit us during the next four episodes, and I’d love for her to come for more than that, but that will only happen if more of you family members send me stories. Thank you, Carlos, Lynn, Irene, Sam and Mary for sending me yours. Don’t be surprised if they show up in a later episode! Are you ready to get your Spanglish on? Oh! She just walked in. I didn’t hear her knock. Let’s see if she closes the door behind her. Nope! Hola! This is Tila Miera Trujillo. Not really, it’s her granddaughter, la Carolina pretending to be me. I don’t mind. One of these days, she’ll be brave enough to use her own voice, and be herself. But, because of her, some of you have listened to my stories and my tales and wondered, “Why in the heck would she do something like that?” I only went to high school for one year. The boarding school in Santa Fe was a two days journey by wagon and by train. Letters to and from familia took forever to arrive, and by the time you read them, any news was old news. LIsten now and find out why I wanted to stay home, and didn’t return. It’s a good thing that I didn’t, for all kinds of reasons, bad and good. Before you listen to the story, let me ask you: Have you ever made hurtful comments to, or had hurtful thoughts about someone who died soon after? What did you say? How have you dealt with your regret? And now, the story: Come back next time to listen and find out what my husband did for a living when we first got married. Learn what church activities kept us busy, and the best way to raise money for an important project. Do you want to hear my other musical stories? La Carolina would be so grateful if you’d listen to them! La Carolina wants you to subscribe, either there, or at iTunes or Google Play. (I have no idea what this means! I’m telling you, I’ve been gone since 1971, and I only know the radio, the telephone, and…. the light bulb!) From what I hear lately, a three year old could show you how. That little square photo of me on the STORE page is a good one, isn’t it? That was taken when Nora was a baby, in 1930. My hair is combed, nicely, and I’m pretending I can’t hear or see her crying while my mother bounces her, off to the side of that backdrop. And did you see the photo of the three soldiers and the paper moon at the website? Juan Manuel is the one on the left. He had lot more hair back then, but don’t tell him he’s bald. Hasta luego. Until later! You've just listened to Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast, Episode 3, The Great War, from the new musical, Tales of Tila. Contact me and let me know how you’re doing with the writing prompts. You can find them in bold lettering above in the notes for this episode. Check out my events page. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing. This is your host, Carolyn Murset, aka, la Carolina.

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