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Hello and welcome!! You’re listening to Song Stories, Quiet Stories. This is podcast episode 11, Winter Brown Noel. I am your host, Carolyn Murset.

In previous episodes, I’ve always had, or pretended to have a special guest with me. That isn’t the case today. The Christmas stories and the songs you’ll hear will be my own.

As I write this, the month of December is half over. Thanksgiving came earlier this year, and many folks put their Christmas decorations up the day after that, or even a few days before then.

My husband and I have been married quite a while now, and through the years have accumulated several containers full of strings of lights, garlands, and ornaments, some of which the kids and I made when they were younger.

Our nest is empty now. Our three daughters who decorated the house very joyfully and festively when they lived at home have married and moved away now. My husband and I just recently took the bins and boxes down from the shelves in the garage, where they then sat in the dining room for a few days while I summoned up the courage to open them.

May the remarkable gift of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and the wondrous gift of His atonement three decades later, shine on your everything and make you feel alright.

You’ve just listened to Song Stories, Quiet Stories episode 11, Winter Brown Noel.

Grandma Tila will be here next time with more stories. Stories about Grandpa Trujillo. Stories about saving lives.

Please make the time to write about your holiday traditions, for whichever ones you may observe, and find new ways to CELEBRATE them. You won’t always be in this current stage of your life. Please subscribe now at or at iTunes or Google Play. I am your host Carolyn Murset.

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