Ep. 121 - #MeTooMx Feat. Almendra Hernandez De ChidasMX


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On today’s very special episode of Songmess we are unpacking the recent explosion of the #MeToo movement in Mexico. Guest Almendra Hernandez of online music and culture publication ChidasMX joins us to discuss a brief history of the movement and the longterm implications of Mexico’s gender insurrection. Almendra and her colleagues founded ChidasMX as an inclusive space for artists and journalists to showcase their work fairly and comfortably, aiming to dismantle the layers of discrimination women face in the workplace. Almendra’s impressive journalism resume includes RedBull Panamerika, Ibero 90.9, Sopitas and many more, as well as work with numerous gender and sexual education organizations. Today’s conversation is all about #MeTooMX, starting from genesis, leading into personal reactions to accusations leveled against our friends and colleagues, and how we as a society can learn and move forward in an open and compassionate way. Almendra is also a DJ, so our playlist highlights transgressive women in urbano music, bringing some necessary levity to the episode while also highlighting themes of liberation and empowerment. We have included links to organizations you can support and where you can learn more about the different causes discussed in today’s episode. ChidasMX will be hosting a symposium with speakers and performers discussing multiple aspects of the #MeToo movement on April 20th. Find more information here: https://www.dondeir.com/ciudad/eventos/metoomx-evento-chidasmx/2019/04/ Featured Artists: Tomasa Del Real, Fabien, Ceaese, Galanjah, Nass G, DJ $ustancia, Makenna, Naia Valdez, La Terrorista del Sabor, Sasha Sathya, Tech Grl, Teixido. ChidasMX: https://www.chidas.mx/ Almendra Hernandez Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/almondomi/?hl=en Gire: https://gire.org.mx/ Marea Verde: http://mareaverdemadrid.blogspot.com/ Balance: https://www.balancemx.org/ Católicas Por El Derecho a Decidir: http://catolicasmexico.org/ns/ Violentomentro: http://www.genero.ipn.mx/test/paginas/violent%C3%B3metro.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0-Pamw_6P_m0wNMcvMiE22YMqeLrQdvBRM6wt2OrvHgQkZzWv_CvonG8w Songmess Instagram: www.instagram.com/songmess/?hl=es-la Songmess Merch: songmess.threadless.com/ #BOPS Playlist: open.spotify.com/user/22bbqlhgqrs…49Rc6OPanGvBrv-w Subscribe to Songmess on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play or SoundCloud, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and contact us at songmessmusic@gmail.com.

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