A Little Late with Mona Mira


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In this episode of Sooo Aggressive, Vanessa is joined by writer/comedian Mona Mira (@monamira) to discuss her new job, controversies in the entertainment industry, dick pics, and owning your imperfections. All this and more on Sooo Aggressive!


Intro (:53-3:11)

A Little Late with Lilly Singh (3:11-4:42)

RiteAid nails are fantastic to pick your nose with! (4:42-7:57)

SNL Drama, Twitter Wars, and Racism (7:57-18:20)

Shrooms (18:20-21:54)

“Botox and Baby Bags” (21:54-24:18)

Why are we hairy? (24:18-26:16)

“Eye-Ran” vs. “Ee-Ron” & Speaking “Persian” (26:16-28:37)

Civil Rights in Iran (28:37-30:43)

Dick Pics (30:34-33:06)

Super Smart and Super Hairy (33:06-40:41)

Being Proud of your Plastic Surgery (40:41-43:32)

Own your Imperfections! (43:32-45:23)

Big Butts & Botched Butt Injections (45:23-48:26)

Boycotting Equinox, Donald Trump, and White Nationalism (49:13-57:26)

Voting, Politics, & No More Daylight Savings! (57:26-1:02:15)

Wrap-up (1:02:56)

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