Traditionalist's WAKE UP CALL!: Guest Dr. Eric Hankins


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Dr. Eric Hankins, pastor of FBC Fairhope, AL and author the Traditionalist Statement, threw down the gauntlet at the SBC Annual meeting with a challenge for Traditionalists of the SBC to get involved! Dr. Hankins joins Dr. Flowers on the program to talk about the importance of "loyal opposition" within the SBC over the soteriological divide already present.

What is next for Traditionalism? We can't lead in neutral. Dr. Hankins challenges all Traditionalists everywhere to get involved by (1) knowing what you believe and speaking out with kindness, courage and confidence, (2) Insist the the SBC leaders engage with the confessional conversation about the imbalance within the seminaries, and (3) show up to the conventions to vote and make your voice heard.

Hankins said, "We are in the driver’s seat in terms of theological scholarship, and we need to start acting like it, speaking like it, and writing like it. Positively, we need to develop our soteriological convictions into a coherent system that is no longer beholden to the mistakes of Augustinian-Calvinist synthesis."

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