Bryan D'Alessandro - The Power of Plant Medicine/CBD


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Bryan D'Alessandro is the Co-Founder, CEO of hemp wellness company Eaton Hemp. Offering a line of best-in-class organic CBD products, Bryan's mission is to empower people to take their health back into their own hands. D'Alessandro's wellness and spiritual journey began over 15 years ago when diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening auto-immune disease. This caused him to reflect on his well-being and make severe changes that have led to a vegan diet, becoming a certified yoga instructor, and a life of seeking greater truth. A big believer in the power of plant medicine, he found a deep connection with the hemp plant and CBD's unique way of working with the body's innate healing abilities. D'Alessandro wants to share with you how Eaton Hemp Organic Full Spectrum CBD can aid in: Reducing inflammation Recovery Anti-anxiety Sleep support Hemp Hearts high in nutrition The Core Values of Eaton Hemp Eaton Hemp Hub ~clarifying information on Hemp and CBD

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