Dr. Stephanie Seneff - The Harmful Poisons Being Pushed On The Public


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Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. has risked her academic career to expose the truth about Statin drugs, Glyphosates, and man-made pollutants that are being pushed on the public; including children. She argues and provides research that these poisons accelerate aging, cause Alzheimer's, accelerate heart disease, produce incredible pregnancy complications/defects, decrease sexual function and permanently weaken our bodies and immune systems. Join us as we explore the work of Dr. Seneff, PhD, who has spent her life at MIT studying Biophysics. Her research intersects biology and computer models. Her latest projects include the side effects of products from both BigPharma and BigFarma. The findings will startle and disgust you. Dr. Seneff reveals the UNtruths that are being forced on an unsuspecting public and who is behind the scheme. Dr. Seneff on Facebook

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