Mike Anthony - How My Father Died... Then Told Me He Didn't


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Mike Anthony - Professional Actor, Bartender, and Author - Joins us to discuss his book Love, Dad: How My Father Died... Then Told Me He Didn't Imagine being a bartender at a busy Broadway show when just before intermission, you get the call – your too young dad suddenly died. As your family’s screams of despair pierce your ear and instantly shatter your world, hundreds of patrons abuzz with energy from the comedic first act descend on you. They hastily begin ordering drinks, and somehow a shell that looks like you makes them, while your inside crumbles away. How do we move forward when such a devastating loss befalls us? Love, Dad intimately shares one family’s darkest hours and their road to healing, a road that has been long ignored or scoffed at by the scientific community. Mike Anthony, a healthy skeptic, goes to great lengths to uncover the paradigm-shifting research into the nature of consciousness that exists, and shows us why it must be put back in the forefront with no shame attached. Given the transformative nature of the experience, he couldn’t help but share what happened, hoping to bring others the peace he’d discovered. So compelling is his story that Netflix chose to feature it in three episodes of their series Surviving Death. This eye-opening book pushes the boundaries of what we think we know, unlocking the door to new and exhilarating possibilities. What might it be like to know that death is truly not the end? In Love, Dad we get one family’s answer. MikeAnthony.com Love, Dad: How My Father Died... Then Told Me He Didn't

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