W. Gifford-Jones, MD - Linus Pauling and Scientific Evidence on Vitamin C


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W. Gifford-Jones, MD has influenced complementary and alternative medicine like no other. His greatest impact on health care and on progress in considering, safe, effective, and low-cost natural approaches has been through his medical column that reaches millions of readers across North America. W. Gifford-Jones join the show to discuss: Linus PaulingScientific evidence on Vitamin CHis 45 years of medical newspaper columnsWomen’s WellnessLysineCovid 19Health as a LifestyleAnd more! W. Giffords-Jones, MD W. Giffords-Jones more then 18 years of columns and research W. Giffords-Jones, MD on Facebook W. Giffords-Jones on Twitter High doses of vitamin C help build immunity, offering protection against viral infections. Vitamin C: A natural alternative to drugs. Peewee Amounts of Vitamin C Won’t Stop Heart Attacks

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