Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal Path to the Stars with Jill Mattson


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Why? - Since Ancient Times & Earliest Men - do we gaze at the Stars above with vast wonder? Why do we naturally yearn for the Stars and reach out for them? Why do the smallest children know that Heaven is Above? Many age-old monuments were driven by our fascination with the heavens...Giza Plateau in Egypt, Stone Henge, Teotihuacan Pyramid Plaza ... the Three Mesas of the Hopis and many, many more relics of long gone civilizations reflect the immense significance of the glimmering stars. Ancient stone circles and pyramid locations captured important celestial alignments. At these sacred times, the ancients prayed at their "observatories" - listening to the silent voices of their gods – speaking through the star light. Celestial vibrations. During special alignments of the stars, great sages and seekers absorbed the cascading fragments of star waves and heavenly currents. These sacred sites harvested special energies when the "Star Gates" were opened at equinoxes, solstices and special astronomical alignments. They knew that these Star Energies had great powers. Jill Mattson is a tireless researcher who combines her deep spirituality with her immense knowledge of Sound Energy and Ancient Societies together with cutting edge Modern Science to produce unique techniques and information that can be used by almost anyone. Jill shows us how the earliest peoples opened Star Gates to contact Higher Beings and to tap into their Celestial Energies. In information that greatly predates the past Ice Age, Mattson has assembled an amazing mosaic of how earliest humans contacted Divine Entities - associated with special powerful Stars in the Zodiac. Just like certain prehistoric tribes, many of us today feel a natural link to particular Stars in the heavens... want to know if your forefathers came from Sirius or Pleiades, perhaps Orion?

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