Happy Hour - Inflammation


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"Each of the 12 musical notes has an emotional counterpart. Each musical note level has a different emotional tendency. The more highs or lows, inflammations, pathogens or pain architectures, the more likely you may have too much energy in one of these particular musical notes. It follows, therefore, that addressing those highs, lows, inflammations, pathogens, or pains may support a diminution of the severity of the emotional tendency. Further, since the body is economical with its Frequency Equivalents ™ in the sense that your emotional concern could be on the same frequency as 1 or 2 muscles, a hormone, a pathogen, or a toxin, a low between 8 and 16 hertz (cycles per second) may resonate in a weak muscle and perhaps a low level of a vitamin, for example. On the other hand, an inflammation in that range could manifest as an inflamed muscle and an abundance of a vitamin, or a high level of something like a toxin, for example." Robert O'Leary - Mini Lesson #11 "Vaccines have been shown to stimulate the immune system and can cause chronic inflammation" http://www.soundhealthinc.com/pdf/discontinuation.pdf

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