Keys to Overcome Stress, Chronic Fatigue and Pain with Kyle Davies


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Kyle Davies work, is focussed on connecting emotions, metaphysics and disease. He work’s with a range of health conditions that he call’s 'Energetic Illnesses' including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ME, IBS, anxiety & depression. Kyle teach’s people that their symptoms are the result of energetic and emotional imbalances, and that symptoms are something of a spiritual nature. Kyle Davies is an occupational psychologist, therapist and author. He is the creator of, energy-flow coaching(TM), which provides a framework and process that can be applied to a health setting for eradicating symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain, anxiety and depression. awakening. Kyle joins us to talk about his book ‘The Intelligent Body’: Reversing Chronic Fatigue & Pain from the Inside Out' Kyle Davies Kyle Davies on Facebook

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