Live Q & A - with Emily O'Brien of Mondomeds Interview


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Emily O'Brien founded MONDO based on extensive research linking cannabis with anxiety relief. As an expert on the effects of microdosing, she has been featured in dozens of publications and presented to handfuls of groups throughout the country. To this day, MONDO has supported thousands of people who struggle actively with debilitating anxiety. Emily discovered that consuming cannabis in small doses can improve the quality of one's day (without reducing mental dexterity). Mondo powder is a welcome replacement for synthetic prescription anxiety medications such as that carry unpleasant side effects. Mondo has a delicate taste and light consistency similar to triple sifted baking flour. The dust was created with the intention of being able to seamlessly mask itself into any food or drink. A perfect mix of balanced full body relaxation with a gentle cerebral invigoration, users will find that it is appropriate daytime medication. Mondo is a national cannabis company that produces handcrafted organic edibles for the patient and connoisseur. Mondo source's their ingredients from organic and sustainable producers, the packaging is 100% compostable, and the recipes provide a great taste while meeting vegan and gluten-free needs. As MONDO continuously expands to new states and markets, we strive to set the standards for consistency and quality in cannabis edibles production and environmental stewardship. Emily O'Brien joins us to talk about microdosing's potential benefits. Particularly, regarding anxiety reducing possible results. MondoMeds

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