When should you fire an advisor?  Plus, who to trust and how much is enough?


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In this podcast, Paul addresses four different but related issues regarding the management of your investments.

  1. When should you fire an advisor? Paul discusses the ethics and competence an advisor and others must have.
  2. Ken Fisher’s recent problems have raised another requirement one could expect from an advisor. This could be very important to listeners who are about to hire the Fisher organization. "This is not about investing ethically or competently, this is about the ethics of how we treat others — others who work for us and others we serve. We can’t control the direction of the market but we can control the respect we show for others,” says Paul. During this discussion, he references the following articles:“The Fallout From Ken Fisher’s Comments”, “The Outcry Over Ken Fisher’s Comments Could Mark a Turning Point for Industry Conferences, “Inside Ken Fisher’s private kingdom…”, along with a Twitter feed from Alex Chalekian, and what the Bogleheads have to say about Ken Fischer’s firm.
  3. How do we know we can trust recommendations from Paul Merriman’s website anymore than Fisher, Merrill Lynch or any other advisor?
  4. How do we know we have enough saved, so we don’t have to worry about running out of money before we run out of life?


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