Which funds are best in a bear market: passively or actively-managed funds?  


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In this podcast Paul addresses questions from his investor listeners on managing risk, pensions, early retirement and more in the current market.

Topic 1: Napkin Finance has produced a terrific graphic that compares 5 different types of experts who can help you manage your money. Unfortunately, they forgot to include free services like ours or newsletters that charge for investment recommendations.

Topic 2: There are experts who say the biggest risk in the market is corporate bonds. Are they worth the risk compared to U.S. Government Bonds? Paul mentions the Callan Periodic Table of Returns.

Topic 3: Where do you think the market is going? See S&P 500 Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation Table 2019

Topic 4: What do you recommend for someone who wants to retire at 38 with $1.2 million?

Topic 5: Can people who don’t have a pension set up one themselves?
Paul recommends ordering Stan The Annuity Man's excellent free books on annuities. No, he won’t call you after he sends you the books.

Topic 6: I don’t want to invest at a market top; I’d rather wait until the market goes through a major correction. What do you suggest?

Topic 7: What does better in a bear market: passively or actively-managed funds or ETFs?

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