Episode 18.5 - BONUS EPISODE - Breaking down the Bettman Seattle Visit


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The guys realized that it was going to be about a week and a half between episodes, and decided that was way too long to make you all wait. As such, they decided to give you a little something extra this week, with a SECOND EPISODE!

On this bonus episode, John, Andy, and Darren break down NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s recent press conference that was held right here in Seattle, and they discuss some of the highlights of that event.

They also react to the news tidbits that were released (either intentionally or unintentionally) by the head of the league, and share their opinions on a few of the questionable questions from the peanut gallery that day. They even... for the first time ever on Sound of Hockey... discuss the topic of a potential team name at length (spoiler: the team will most likely still be called Crapweasels).

Also in this episode, a review of the new All-Star Game uniforms, a Blue-Jackets-centric version of Buy, Sell, or Hold, Goalie Gear Corner, Bi-Weekly One-Timers, and much more.


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