Episode 27 - Re: Torts, featuring Alison Lukan of TheAthletic


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It's a gigantic (and slightly tipsy) episode of Sound of Hockey this week, as the guys ended up recording the bulk of the episode following some post-SeaHAC college sodas... See if you can figure out who had the most!

Featured on this episode is Alison Lukan, an outstanding writer for TheAthletic who covers the Columbus Blue Jackets with an analytical flair. From Alison, John and Darren learn how she uses that analytical approach to tell her story, while still connecting with a broad hockey audience, and even how she uses her knowledge to connect with John Tortorella. She also gives tons of great Torts anecdotes and gives her opinions on the CBJ trades, so you won't want to miss this interview.

Also in this episode, the guys give a thorough review of the fantastic event that was the Seattle Hockey Analytics Conference and what they took away from that, before eventually diving into such segments as "You Don't See That Every Day," "Weekly One-Timers," and "Games On the Radar." Plus plenty of general NHL talk, as always.

This is a fun episode filled with chuckles.


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