Episode 35 - Jerk Fans Are Also Front-Running Fans!


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Episode 35 of Sound of Hockey is a long one because, well, the guys have a LOT to talk about right now.

This episode starts with what will be the final "in-season" Re:Torts of the year, being that the CBJ's have been eliminated since this one was recorded. The guys also break down Don Cherry's latest comments about the Carolina Hurricanes and their jerk-ish ways. SPOILER: Don still doesn't like them.

Next, you'll get a beefy Seattle update and a review of the WHL draft (plus the chaos that ensued), before a spirited discussion of the latest groundbreaking news in women's hockey.

When the guys finally dig in to the NHL Playoffs, you'll hear about some of the intriguing gamesmanship that has been happening in Round 2, before getting your dose of Weekly One-Timers and even an introduction to a couple new segments.


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