Episode 30: Understanding the history that Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan ignores


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Sir Tom Beckett, Executive Director of IISS−Middle East, joins podcast hosts Meia Nouwens and Antônio Sampaio for this episode of Sounds Strategic. Tom, Meia and Antônio discuss how countries in the Middle East have reacted to United States President Donald Trump’s proposed plan for Israeli−Palestinian peace. Their discussion also highlights why the peace plan might be difficult to implement. Tom gives a short description of the history of the Middle East and examines the role of non-state armed groups in the region, highlighting the recently published IISS Strategic Dossier Iran’s Networks of Influence in the Middle East. Tom, Meia and Antônio also discuss the role of the US and its policy position towards the region at a time when Middle Eastern countries are looking to diversify their relations for the sake of economic protection. Finally, Tom and Meia briefly touch on China’s interests in the region and Chinese arms exports to the Middle East. We hope you enjoy the episode and don’t forget to follow, rate and subscribe Sounds Strategic wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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