Daemon Dust Pod - Chaos Seeds Book 3 Episode 9 (ch. 0-7)


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After multiple months off, Kendria and Travis are back talking about book three in the Chaos Seeds series! Picking right up where book two left off, what is our MC going to doing about the two new prisoners captured while he was away? Randolphus is playing a diligent chamberlain role, but is there more to him and if so, what? Why is Richter so determined to explore the catacombs beneath his place of power alone? Krom gets his magical forge and it is heavenly! After dozens died in the bug bear attack, Richter extends an emotional olive branch and the entire Mist Village is better off for it. @Ddustpodcast (twitter) Ddustpodcast@gmail.com (email) 415-787-5229 (voicemail)

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