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BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the Kenny Dope interview session! What more can you say Vangardians - it’s Kenny DOPE. If you don’t know the man’s resume, do your Googles. We interviewed Rasheed Chappell a few weeks ago in anticipation of he and Kenny’s “First Brick” - a mind melting return for the duo some 7 years after their first collaborative effort, “Future Before Nostalgia”. That interview led to us connecting with the legendary producer / DJ and a subsequent 1 hr interview! Kenny breaks down why it took him years to find an artist like Rasheed, why there was a 7 year gap between releases and what we can expect from the duo in the very near future. KD also paints a picture of what it was like growing up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, how that environment impacted him at a young age and the critical work he put in at local record store in his early years that laid the foundation for his career in music. It’s not all super-serious here folks - we get into some record nerd business, talk about Bob James’ recent and down right strange foray into DJing and more of the usual madness that you come to expect every week. So don’t delay good people - pick up that “First Brick” now, get ready for “Brick & Mortar” and remember it’s always that #smithsoniangrade #twiceaweek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mix #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 14, 2018 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube #smithsoniangrade #twiceaweek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @jondoeatl @southernvangard @cappuccinomeeks

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