Operational Preparation of the Environment | The Causes Of Things Ep. 15


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Something has been happening around you over the past 12 years or so that you have probably only been aware of for the last year or two. It’s the Operational Preparation of the Environment. This term, Operational Preparation of the Environment (OPE) is used in military circles as an essential “preparing the way” before an overt military event. OPE softens a populace, prepares them for “out of the box” thinking, and can also turn previously loyal citizens against their own governing bodies. How does this factor into our current situations and struggles in the United States and throughout western civilization? Join us today as we explore “The Causes of Things.” https://sovereignnations.com Support Sovereign Nations: paypal.me/sovnations patreon.com/sovnations Follow Sovereign Nations: https://sovereignnations.com/subscribe https://facebook.com/SovereignNat... https://twitter.com/SovNations https://youtube.com/SovereignNations https://instagram.com/sovnations/ https://minds.com/sovnations https://parler.com/profile/sovnations © 2020 Sovereign Nations. All rights reserved.

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