The Moon, why we're going back after 50 years


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On the 20th of July it will be 50 years ago that the first human, Neil Armstrong, made his first 'small step' on the Moon. In this episode we discuss this event, what it has meant to us and what it has meant to space exploration.

Herbert Blankesteijn and Joeri Nortier talk with our guest, space entrepreneur Arno Wielders, about the plans to return to the Moon and to use this as a stepping stone to Mars. Arno thinks it is great to go to the Moon but it is not necessary as a rehearsal for your Mars trip. He also thinks the Gateway, a space station in orbit around the Moon, is not very useful.

Join us as we discuss all things Artemis, as the present Moon project is called now, including the scientific knowledge that is still lacking to make the trip to Mars. As far as Arno is concerned we still need to know the effects of Mars gravity for extended periods of time.


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