248: Mara Schiavocampo / Your Food Relationships


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One of the most recognized faces of daytime TV, Mara speaks with Joe De Sena in this interview about the perspective gained during her childhood growing up outside the country, her perennial struggle with being overweight and the magic of serendipity. Her goal is to end all abusive relationships, including with food. Join us this week as we explore discipline as a key to sustaining wellness.

LESSONS Find what feels intrinsic to you Travel to gain perspective Design & organize your tools to fit your needs Make a list of your “undoings” End “abusive” food relationships Cleanup your diet to be successful It’s may not be simple but discipline is doing it whether you want to or not Use the scale as a tool

LINKS https://www.marascampo.com

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0:00 Joe, Sefra, the Col & Dr. Johnny introduce Mara’s episode 1:50 Tiger Balm Active Intro 2:14 Interview begins| growing up in Somalia 3:30 Growing up overseas 5:00 Gaining perspective 7:20 Going into Broadcast Journalism 9:30 Serendipity on the job hunt 11:00 Pioneering the “backpack” model of digital journalism 12:40 Navigating to new stories 14:15 It takes a village for TV production 14:50 Tiger Balm Active break 15:55 Interview returns “more focused” 17:00 “Health is relative” 18:00 What is your undoing 18:45 Having a food funeral 20:15 Cleaning up your diet 22:00 The hard times & a food cult 23:45 Filling the time with healthy endeavors 27:14 The panel discusses the interview 30:50 Tiger Balm Active close

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