254: Bruce Babashan | Life Lessons from the Boxing Ring


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Bruce lives where fighting and business converge. With a background as an executive level headhunter and a youth spent in the boxing gym, he’s translated those tactics into building champions. The renowned boxing coach sits in the podcast ring this week with Joe De Sena and discusses the keys to coaching to glory, rebuilding them after loses, and the importance of vulnerability. What it comes down to is the Law of Outcomes: “ the amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice you make must be equal to the goal you wish to achieve.” Bruce is the guy you want in your corner!

LESSONS Work hard, pay attention & listen Be an active observer Keep notes! Follow your passions The key to coaching is connection Humility and empathy are worthy traits “Deserves” got nothing to do with it Be vulnerable in life “Law of outcomes: the amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice you make must be equal to the goal you wish to achieve” Have a vision for yourself- success is an exclusionary process There is no easy path- be willing to suffer for your dream

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TIME STAMPS 1:20 Interview begins with Joe & Bruce 1:50 A passion for boxing & fighting 3:30 A history of coaching 4:30 The warrior spirit 6:30 Working hard & paying attention 7:30 An informal apprenticeship 9:00 Balancing the office & the gym 10:00 Becoming a warrior in business & the ring 11:00 Keeping notes on what you learn 12:00 Boxing as a tool in coaching 13:00 Importance of connection in coaching 14:20 How to keep humility 15:40 Shady Rays Sunglasses break with Zach Even - Esh of the Spartan Way 17:25 Interview continues with tears & temper 19:00 The repercussions of “losing” 22:20 Rebuilding an athlete 25:45 “Deserves” got nothing to do with it 26:55 Going through the grieving process- can you bring an athlete back from the brink? 28:00 Dealing with being in the public arena 31:10 Being vulnerable in life 32:00 Law of Sacrifice 33:00 The exclusionary process of success 34:30 Doing the thing that is “true” to you 36:10 The panel discusses the great Babashanisms 43:45 Shady Rays Sunglasses close

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