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Insecurities can pop up at any time. We all have them and some of us use certain strategies to keep them at bay. One insecurity that can rear its ugly head, especially when we are in a group setting, is that around contribution. Sometimes we may hear our inner critic exclaim, “you’ve got nothing to contribute. Be quiet.” Typically, this is stemming from a fear of rejection or judgment. Working to fight off this insecurity can be hard but it’s essential to do so because we ALL have something to contribute. No, not in all situations or in all arenas. But we were all made to contribute to this world and it’s important to operate from this position so that your mind and self-esteem remain as healthy as possible.

LESSONS: Remember, you are vital to the web of the world and positive affirmations can help you internalize a more stable and healthy sense of self. Work on reminding yourself that what you have to contribute may impact those around you and the absence of your contribution could be felt as well.

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