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When I find myself getting frustrated, struggling with events or life, being disappointed by others or my expectations it’s usually because I’m investing too much emotional energy in the area of interest. Or, not enough energy in the area of control.

When we find ourselves going down the emotional or irrational mind path we need to create a trigger to get us back into rational and process oriented mode. This is where the area of control can come into play. Control what you can control and identify what it is you might be overlooking that is in your control. Once you’ve gotten practiced at that, start looking at this area of influence where you can really get ahead of the curve on control and interest.

LESSONS: If you can’t control it, why are you trying to? Spending time controlling and influencing the things you can shouldn’t leave much time/energy left on trying to do the same for what is interesting. When you find yourself going emotional it’s time to reset by focusing on what you can control and accepting what you can not.

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