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Everyone has a valuable contribution to make and everyone gets stuck. It’s part of what makes us human. Sometimes what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. Which is why we’ve brought the Spartan Up podcast family together to ask what works for them when they feel stuck, Sefra the Seedhuntress, retired Col. Tim Nye and "Dr" Johnny Waite. Each answer is unique - a testament to each of us having our own unique journeys. The key here is to try each tactic out and see which one works for you. From remember the power of family, grounding yourself in the bite of ice cold water, or waking up each day with an intention - there’s lots to choose from to move you from feeling stuck to free.

LESSONS: We can all benefit from hearing how others cope when they feel stuck. Try the following practices to get you on track: Reconnect with family and use the power of your tribe to get you grounded. Immerse yourself in a cold bath to reinvigorate the senses and get you grounded. Set an intention in the morning, taking into consideration how you want the day to go and let YOU be the driver of how the day starts. Use a mantra to facilitate momentum. Check in with your values to ensure that you are in alignment with what matters to you.

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