How West Point Wrestling Builds Team Culture | Joe interviews Kevin Ward


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Joe De Sena and his family visited the wrestling room at West Point to learn from the ultimate role models in mental and physical toughness. Kevin Ward, head wrestling coach, explains what it takes to build and maintain the culture of a team, whether that is a wrestling team, a family or a business. Motivation, says Kevin, is a byproduct of being passionate, and discipline is true freedom. Invite rigor and the right folks into your daily routine and you may revell in the results!

LESSONS Finish what you start Work hard Be 100% dedicated to the team Culture is defined by the worst behavior you accept Discipline is freedom Understand your expectations Hold yourself to a high standard Be devoted to what your doing Create your passion

LINKS TIME STAMPS 0:00 Joe, Dr. Johnny and Guest Host Anders Varner introduce this weeks episode 1:15 Interview starts in the toughest room in the country 3:00 Growing up wrestling 4:45 Finishing everything you start 6:00 Importance of kids having a work ethic 7:30 Working with the best at West Point 9:00 Giving 100% to be on the team 9:45 Nurturing culture of the team 11:00 Teaching them how to think 12:15 Discipline is freedom 13:15 Expectations, standards and devotion 14:15 What do you praise, what do you punish? 14:45 Creating your passion 15:45 Joe, Dr. Johnny and Guest Host Anders Varner discuss what they learned from Coach Ward


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