Running Legends Camille Herron, Mike Wardian, Ian Sharman, Terry Chiplin, Kara Goucher, Peter Maksimow from the ATP Science stage at #SpartanMediaFest with moderator Johnny Waite


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What do these legends, some of the world’s top distance and trail runners, think about the growing adoration for the primal sport of trail running? Trail runners have always maintained an infamous degree of camaraderie and community, especially the Ultra runners who cover distances that can seem inconceivable. Hear about incredible records, but also the simple joys of running and of sharing the joy of running with others. Panelists talk about running five marathons in five days on five continents, setting record times, running one hundred miles for the first time, and running around the rim of the Grand Canyon for a fun day of exploration. The key is just trying it out, finding your own flow and entering what Terry calls the “oasis of connectedness” on the trail.

Maike Wardian - won the 2008, 2009 and 2010 US 50 km championship, the 2011 US 50 mile championship, the 2008 U.S. National 100 km championship and many others. Wardian is known for the vast number of marathons he participates in.

Camille Herron - won the 2017 Comrades Marathon and holds several world best times at ultramarathon distances, along with the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon in a Superhero costume.

Ian Sharman - a British ultramarathon runner, coach, he currently holds the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and is the winner of the 2013 2015, 2016 and 2017 Leadville Trail 100.

Kara Goucher - was the 10,000 meters silver medalist at the 2007 World Championships, represented her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics, made her marathon debut in 2008 and finished third the following year at the Boston Marathon.

Terry Chiplin - from US Trail Running Conference

Peter Maksimow - from the American Trail Running Association.

And our own Spartan Up host Johnny Waite as moderator.


  1. Support your athletic community
  2. Have compassion in competition
  3. Be present & connected
  4. Find your favorite trail & keep exploring
  5. Get outside & enjoy being in nature
  6. Don’t be intimated- just try it out
  7. Define what it means to be out there to you
  8. Run to explore & really feel what the world is like
  9. Enjoy the experience


Spartan Trail Series

US Trail Running Conference

Camille Herron

Kara Goucher

Mike Wardian

Ian Sharman

Amedican Trail Running Association

This curated group podcast was recorded at Spartan World Media Fest brought to you by ATP Science


0:45 Johnny Waite introduces the legendary panel of trail runners

1:30 Panelists introduce themselves

5:45 Ultra running coming into the general consciousness

7:30 The sense of community amongst trail runners

8:45 How they got started in trail running

10:00 What keeps you running a hundred miles

12:00 Loving the sport and adapting as they get older

13:00 Organizing trail runs and welcoming new runners

14:45 How the sport is evolving

16:30 Their favorite home & international trails

25:00 Favorite trail is like your favorite child

27:30 Who is coming into the sport as it is growing

29:30 Male and female competition in the sport

31:00 What motivates you on the trails

33:00 An accessible sport if you put in the time

34:30 The ancestral lineage of running

36:00 Everyone runs their own trail

37:30 The exploration and beauty of running

39:45 Disconnecting with media and connecting with nature

41:45 The great people you meet

43:30 All running is good running


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Moderator Dr. Johnny Waite, Guest panelists: Terry Chiplin, Kara Goucher, Mike Wardian, Ian Sharman, Peter Maksimow, Camille Herron

Joe De Sena, Col. Nye & Sefra Alexandra were jogging along in the audience at the Spartan World Media Fest

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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