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“The moment I had the courage to be completely honest with myself”….that’s when things started to change for Sarah Hildebrandt, our guest today on Spartan Combat. Sarah is a 3x member of Team USA and currently the #1 ranked wrestler in the country in her weight class.

Host Ryan Warner and Sarah talk about the all important moment of turning PRO. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be a PRO. Turning PRO is about the decisions you make, consistently, in all facets of your life, day in and day out. Sarah talks about...

-How an elbow injury forced her to be honest with herself, and face the reality that she was not living a life congruent with her goals.

-Making the decisions to change weight classes, her diet, and the people she surrounds herself with

-Sarah’s daily life pre and post the life-changing elbow injury

To learn more about Sarah, please visit the links below:

Sarah HIldebrandt Twitter: @sarhilde

Sarah HIldebrandt Instagram @sarhilde


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