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What does a 4x La Ruta endurance mountain bike race champion eat during a race? Louise "La Ruta Lou" Kobin shares tips on diet for performance with our Spartan Up La Ruta series host Roy Wallack.

In this episode you’ll learn:

-What Louise eats and drinks during a race

-How often she’s consuming calories while on the bike

-What to eat and drink during that all important 30-minute window after a race

-Louise’s go-to meal during a multi-day race

For those of you who missed the first episode, Louise is a physical therapist, personal trainer, and former pro mountain bike racer. In addition to practicing Physical Therapy for 25 years, she’s trained and coached clients in their homes for almost 20 years. Today, Louise lives near Los Gatos and uses her background as a physical therapist to design safe and challenging exercise programs for a wide variety of clients and have discovered many creative ways to design home or gym based exercise programs-with or without elaborate equipment.

Learn more about Louise here: LouKobin.Com


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