UNLOCKED: Premium 10 - Die geschlossene deutsche Frage (Spaßbremse Grenzen, pt. 2: The Oder-Neiße Line)


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First, thanks to our listeners who have been so patient with us as we have been taking a little Sommerpause. Some of us have been travelling, some of us have have COVID, and it's been taking a little longer than usual to put a new episode out. That's why we're unlocking one of our premium episodes that was published on our Patreon back in April. The episode is part two of our series we've been doing on Patreon about Germany's border regions; on this episode we talk about the modern German-Polish border, aka the Oder-Neiße Line.

For some more reading on this topic, here are some of the sources we cited on this episode:

Gott behüte from Der Spiegel on May 3, 1970

Kohl riskierte seine Kanzlerschaft für deutsch-polnische Grenzfrage by Klaus Wiegrefe for Der Spiegel on July 23, 2021

Kohl Retreats, Says He Accepts Polish Borders : Europe: Warsaw cautiously welcomes the news. West Germany will propose a formal treaty Thursday. by William Tuohy for the LA Times on March 7, 1990

Waigel: Oder-Neiße- Grenze bitterer Preis from TAZ on June 25, 1990

Die Ziele der NPD? Österreich, Polen, Tschechien, Russland, Litauen from Die Zeit on December 17, 2007

And here's a link to Ted's Twitter thread from February that was mentioned several times, featuring some pretty astounding CDU election posters: https://twitter.com/ted_knudsen/status/1496103102537252865

To hear the rest of the Spaßbremse Grenzen series, subscribe to us on Patreon! We have other episodes discussing the histories of the German-Czech border, the German-Danish border, and the German-French border.


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