Tim Tebow's return, Dak Prescott's MVP chances, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Eagles


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00:00 Any issue with the Jags giving Tim Tebow a tight end contract?

23:00 Is it crazy to say Dak Prescott will be an MVP candidate this season?

35:02 Why isn’t Russell Westbrook getting respect?

50:37 Houston GM on QB situation: “We’re all at the same point, essentially.”

56:19 Tell Me Why I’m Wrong

1:03:03 Convinced LeBron will return as the “King” for the Lakers?

1:16:29 Bucky Brooks lists the top positional battles in the NFL this season.

1:23:31 How dangerous will Jalen Hurts’ Eagles be this season?

1:28:03 What’s the real meaning behind Packers GM saying Jordan Love’s “got a long way to go”?

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