Chiefs without Mahomes, John Elway, Teddy Bridgewater, Jon Gruden, NFL Week 7 preview


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-Can the Chiefs survive without Patrick Mahomes? (01:18)

-Could this be John Elway’s final season in Denver? (08:24)

-Does it matter that at anonymous Eagles player criticized Carson Wentz? (15:04)

-Did Dak Prescott call out his teammates for not practicing hard enough? (22:50)

-Any chance Lamar Jackson outshines Russell Wilson this weekend? (26:59)

-Can Teddy Bridgewater keep it rolling against the Bears this Sunday? (33:42)

-Should Myles Garrett have posted on social media about a ‘fan’ who punched him? (36:28)

-Are you more confident in Dak or Wentz this weekend? (44:20)

-Has Jon Gruden finally figured it out in Oakland? (50:34)

-Do you like how Jalen Ramsey forced his way out of Jacksonville? (56:01)

-Do you believe in the ‘Madden Curse’ after Mahomes’ injury? (1:01:27)

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