Joe Burrow, Luke Kuechly, Dak Prescott, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Haslam, 49ers/Packers


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-Should the Panthers go all-in on Joe Burrow? (1:10)

-What’s your reaction to Luke Kuechly announcing his retirement from the NFL at age 28? (17:44)

-Was it a smart move by Dak Prescott to turn down a contract worth $33M per year? (27:27)

-Should the NFL publicly distance itself from Antonio Brown? (37:50)

-Would you have a problem with Jimmy Haslam asking for a gameplan? (44:18)

-Who would you rather have Sunday: Rodgers or Jimmy G? (56:15)

-Is Luke Kuechly a Hall of Famer? (1:00:57)

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