NBA + China, Dak's contract negotiations, Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield + Richard Sherman


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- Is it time to admit the NBA is not morally superior to the NFL? (00:32)

- Are LeBron, Kaepernick, and others pawns in a political game they don’t understand? (17:53)

- Do you believe Jerry Jones when he says Dak’s recent play is not impacting contract negotiations? (30:52)

- Will Baker Mayfield’s NFL struggles impact Jalen Hurts’ draft stock? (38:17)

- Will Cam Newton ever start again for the Panthers? (43:14)

- Do you lose or gain respect for Richard Sherman after he said he’d apologize to Baker Mayfield over the handshake saga? (53:35)

- Can Adam Silver resolve the controversy between the NBA and China? (59:25)

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