Ravens' offense, Patrick Mahomes, Wilson/Rodgers, John Beilein, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy G, Derrick Henry


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-Would a loss on Saturday undermine the credibility of the Ravens’ offense? (1:10)

-Do you agree with Patrick Mahomes that he’s better now than he was a year ago? (18:21)

-Does Colin Cowherd have a point that Wilson is having a better career than Rodgers? (26:38)

-Thoughts on the John Beilein controversy? (36:36)

-If Belichick won the Super Bowl with Andy Dalton, would it change your opinion of Brady? (43:48)

-Who would you rather have on Saturday: Kirk Cousins or Jimmy G? (54:23)

-Any chance Lamar outshines Derrick Henry on Saturday? (59:58)

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