Seahawks, Ron Rivera, Brady's retirement, Foles/Wentz, Coach of the year, Dak's contract, Russell Wilson


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-Did Seahawks prove they’re the best team in the NFC? (00:32)

-Whitlock & Wiley discuss the breaking news that Ron Rivera has been fired by the Panthers. (12:30)

-Should Tom Brady retire after this season? (26:15)

-Does the Jags benching Nick Foles prove the Eagles were right to choose Wentz? (36:04)

-Who is the stronger coach of the year candidate: Tomlin or Harbaugh? (43:15)

-Do you blame Dallas if they treat Dak like Washington treated Cousins? (54:36)

-What would help Russell Wilson’s resume more: MVP or 2nd Super Bowl? (1:02:28)

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