Snoop Dogg + Gayle King, Brady vs. Dak, LeBron vs. Giannis, Panthers, Kaepernick's book, Matt Stafford


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-Does Snoop’s misstep with Gayle King illustrate a problem we have with controlling our emotions? (00:32)

-Is Peter King right that Jerry Jones would rather have Brady than Dak? (20:07)

-Can LeBron catch Giannis in the MVP race? (29:15)

-Should the Panthers trade McCaffrey in pursuit of Burrow? (33:52)

-Will Colin Kaepernick’s book be worth reading? (40:22)

-Should the Lions consider moving on from Matt Stafford? (53:58)

-What advice would you give Snoop Dogg moving forward? (58:25)

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