SUFB 1151: Using NFTs to Fundraise For Non-Profits with Dr. Austin Gallagher


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Cryptocurrencies are making a real splash across the world as artists are making millions of dollars to sell digital art and experiences that millionaires and even billionaires are buying like there is no tomorrow. The question is: Is there a place for marine conservation organizations to help with their fundraising. Dr. Austin Gallagher thinks so.

Austin is the Chief Scientist for Beneath the Waves, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ocean health and using science and technology to catalyze ocean policy. Austin is also a social entrepreneur and uses innovative ways to raise funds in order for the organization to conduct its work.

Beneath the Waves recently dabbled in the NFT market to create experiences that would help fund their work and create opportunities for people to get involved that went beyond traditional means of funding.

Dr. Gallagher tells us about the experience and how they made tens of thousands of dollars selling a marine biology experience-type NFT.

You can check out their NFT store here:

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