SUFB 1181: Why the ocean was on fire and what we need to do about it


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Last week was a crazy week for the environment, to say the least. The ocean was set on fire due to a busted pipeline, a town in British Columbia ignited into flames due to a heatwave, and the Arctic ice is melting at a phenomenal rate.

All of these events are related as they either contribute to Climate Change or are one of the many consequences of climate change.

We need to act fast to reduce Climate Change and eventually eliminate it, but we won't get there by electing politicians that don't act on policies that will help reduce/slow down Climate Change.

Your voting power is huge during elections in that it helps decide who will act on policies on Climate Change. Participate in all levels of government elections and then strike up a regular dialogue with your representatives.

Let me know what you are doing to work with your government officials by leaving me a message here:

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