Episode 78: Snigglywiggly


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This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It’s our first episode of 2019!

→ Michael is slowly becoming Ariel.

→ The Phoenix Register: Crimes of Grindelwald has been nominated for a few awards. (It’s awards season, after all.)

→ Lizzie has never seen the original Mary Poppins.

→ Owl Post: We review your responses to last episode’s podcast question: "What do you think is in store for Newt in future films?"

→ “New year, new threats from Megan Kelly.”

→ How successful was Crimes of Grindelwald in the box offices?

→ What does the marketing strategy say about the film, and what we can expect in future films?

→ “They were pulling on the heartstrings of Potter and tying it into Fantastic Beasts.”

→ Hashtag hashtag hashtag

→ Why do so many people want to read a script?

→ Is it possible to easily remedy issues?

→ Newt Case: The ZouWou!

Podcast Question: What do you think it would take for the Fantastic Beasts franchise to be overall successful?

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