Episode 82: We Can't Hear You


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This time on SpeakBeasty...

→ Laine is back! → Shameless plug for our social media team. → Aureo does street fighting now. → The Phoenix Register: If you're not listening to our bonus episodes, what are you even doing with your life? Also, FB3 is most likely being pushed to 2021. → Owl Post: We tend to trust Newt, but is he wrong in some ways about Queenie? Plus, listener Matthew has a theory that Leta isn't dead. → "The series is getting darker, and so is the podcast." → Our new theme song will be a funeral dirge. → Introducing Hana Walker-Brown and Ravina Bajwar, who came to talk to us about the behind-the-scenes audiobook from Audible and Pottermore! → It's disappointing that Dan isn't actually narrating our lives. → "The audiobook is meant to be a window into filmmaking." → We'll get the Beasties on it! → The Time Turner: Nobel Prize winners in 1927! → "We just like to live in the now." → Lizzie is collecting tomatoes and fresh produce, both for Brexit and for throwing.

Podcast Question: If you could be a pigeon in the rafters on the Fantastic Beasts set, what would you most like to see or overhear?

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