Episode 86: Needs More Accordions


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This time on SpeakBeasty...

→ Hosts Amy and Elayna are joined by special guest, Chris Rankin! → Harry Potter drag videos, coming soon! → Phoenix Register: You can now tour the subway station from Fantastic Beasts! → The New York subway is a terrifying place of mysteries. → All birds are valid on this show. → Owl Post: Did Corvus Lestrange live? Also, Jacob is too good for this world. → King Aegeus got Aretha Franklin pregnant. → Who has the better sibling relationship, Percy or Theseus? → Are Percy and Theseus both ambitious in the same way? → “Corrupt politicians, what are those?” → “They’re both very well dressed.” → The Newt Case: The Gorgons! → “Ancient Greek Ancestry.com for the gods.”

Podcast Question: Do you think Theseus will have to make a choice when it comes to his loyalty?

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